Training and Equipping Students

We train and equip the students in our Clubs by providing them with curriculum which run in four week cycles. We call it the EPIC strategy.

Equip students with the lessons and tools to share and live out the Gospel.
Prepare students hearts and Clubs to invite friends to hear about Jesus.
Invite friends and students on campus to hear the Gospel message.
Connect students to each other and to local Churches.

One specific tool we use during Equip Week is how to share the Gospel using THE FOUR.

Jesus Loves me.
I live apart from God.
Jesus gave everything for me.
Will I choose to follow Jesus?

Roles on Campus

Student Leaders

A Christian who volunteers to lead a Club on their campus. The student leaders are not only what makes these Clubs legal, but what makes these Clubs as effective as they are.

Start a Club

Teacher Sponsor

Each Club requires a teacher to “sponsor” the Club. This means that they are willing to open their classroom for the Club to meet in and are present for supervision.

Sponsor a Club

Campus Mentor

Campus mentors are the connection point between the Campus and the Church. They intentionally invest their time to pray for the students in their Clubs, present the Truth of God’s Word, and connect them to a Church for further discipleship.

Mentor a Club

Partner with Us

None of this is possible without your support. We are prayerfully asking the Lord to GROW First Priority. Will you partner with us and help us GROW to reach more students with the Gospel?

Invest in a Club